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Top Spring Landscaping Tips

Warmer weather and longer days can only mean one thing – spring is here! 

But before you can sit back and relax outside, it’s important to get your outdoor spaces ready for the season. (And that means more than just uncovering your patio furniture!)

Before summer living kicks into high gear, here are some of our top tips for landscaping this spring.

Soil Preparation

Soil is the foundation of your garden and landscaping. It delivers nutrients to your plants and quite literally keeps everything grounded.

But after a long winter, your soil is typically in need of a refresh before your plants can thrive.

One of the first things you should do in the spring is test your soil. Your soil test can give you a sense of nutrient levels and what fertilizers are needed to get your soil plant ready.

Compost is an organic and simple way to give your soil the nutritional boost it needs at the beginning of the season. Adding a layer of organic mulch over your soil can also support your soil health as it breaks down over time.

Plant Selection

Picking out your plants is arguably the most exciting part of spring garden maintenance. From shrubs to florals, a good plant selection will keep your outdoor space looking fresh all spring long. When choosing plants consider,

  • Sun levels
  • Climate
  • Maintenance and care
  • Design and visual interest

Native plants are usually easy to incorporate as they’re likely to thrive in your climate. Edible plants and trees are another great way to add some interest.

Watering and Irrigation

You’ll likely put a lot of effort into creating the perfect landscaping in the spring. The last thing you want is for your garden to dry out or to find your soil waterlogged.

Your plants need the right amount of water (at the right time) to thrive. Once you’ve made your plant selection, set up a watering and irrigation schedule that works best for your landscaping. Setting up automatic irrigation timers and smart schedules are great ways to make watering less tedious.

You can also consider incorporating rain barrels and other rain elements into your landscaping design. Not only can it help you save water and reduce your water bill, but your plants will love the natural water source.

Maintenance and Upkeep

While the hard work starts in the spring, you’ll still need to take care of some basic maintenance and upkeep after everything has been planted. 

Some things you’ll want to prioritize include:

  • Pruning: To keep your plants healthy and aesthetically pleasing. It can also encourage plants to grow more fruits and flowers!
  • Fertilizing: To make sure your plants have all the nutrients they need to grow. Composting food waste (and other organic materials) is a great way to improve soil health while reducing waste.
  • Pest control: Whether you’ve got bugs or critters, be aware of unwanted visitors in your garden, so you can put a plan in place to keep them at bay. Instead of chemical solutions, consider using natural insecticidal soaps, or natural pest repellents (like garlic and neem oil). 

Your local landscaping experts can help you identify the maintenance needed for your specific outdoor living space.

Landscaping Accessories

Make the most of your backyard oasis throughout the summer months with the right accessories. Make sure to pick out things like fire pits, patio furniture, and lighting for those summer evenings.

Plants and other accessories can help create outdoor dining or seating areas. You can even use landscaping to level up your pool.

Don’t forget to include sheds and other outdoor storage while planning your landscaping, so your garden tools and other accessories are easy to access.

Spring Landscaping with Coyote Creek Outdoors

Spring is the perfect time to prep your landscaping, so you can relax outside all summer long. Fortunately, getting your backyard ready for the season can be stress-free. With these simple tips, you’ll be lounging outside with your favorite drink in no time. 

Coyote Creek Outdoors is the leader in luxury outdoor design and landscaping in Tennessee. Whether you’re looking for a total landscape refresh or just some need tips to get your outdoor space in top shape, the experts at Coyote Creek are here to help.

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