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What Type of Swimming Pool is Right for Me?

You’ve made a big decision: It’s time to rethink how you relax – and your heart is set on a swimming pool. However, before you’re set on which pool to get, it’s important that you consider everything that goes into it, including the smallest details. At Coyote Creek, we understand that getting a pool is a big investment. That’s why we’ve put together this list to help you consider which pool is right for you. 

Diving into Pool Options: Types and Features Explained

You can’t kick back just yet: You’ve got to buckle down and consider what you’re trying to achieve first.

Entertainment: When it comes to entertaining guests, few options work better than a pool. They give people a natural gathering space to chat, move freely, and take in the open air. Even if you’re not a big party thrower, installing a new pool broadens your self-amusement horizons. 

Exercise: Pools are a great way to get exercise because you can swim laps or do water aerobics. They’re especially helpful for people with limited mobility who want to increase their activity in a low-risk way. 

Investment: Pools can add significant value to your property, improving your home’s curb appeal to boost your bargaining power. Installations can also go beyond the pool itself, adding landscaping, seating, patio elements, lighting, and other features that make your home an easier sell. 

Finding the Right Pool for Your Yard: Your yard’s shape, size, natural features, and accessibility elements should inform your pool decision. One helpful design tip is to follow the natural contours of the surrounding land: There’s no rule saying you need to stick with the traditional rectangles and circles most people instantly think of when they imagine pools. Working with a landscape designer to create a custom pool with an organic shape lets you accentuate the elements of your property you like most.

Common Swimming Pool Types and Features 

Let’s face it, your backyard is your sanctuary, and your pool should reflect your style. That’s why understanding the different types of pools is crucial. From the sleek lines of fiberglass to the limitless customization of gunite, each option offers its own set of perks and design potential. Explore the possibilities and find the perfect pool that seamlessly blends with your vision and brings your backyard dreams to life.

Most swimming pools fall into a few type categories:

  • Fiberglass Swimming Pools: These are often the most popular types of pools due to their low cost and quick installation process. While they’re less customizable than some other options, they’re easy to upkeep and resistant to cracking and breaking.
  • Gunite Pools: “Gunite” refers to the process of spraying down and shaping a concrete mixture to create a pool. While this design method offers unmatched customization and a stellar return on investment, bear in mind that construction takes noticeably longer compared to other pool options. However, the wait is well worth it for the unique possibilities, perfectly complementing Nashville’s diverse landscapes. From cascading waterfalls to enchanting grottos, the design potential with gunite pools is truly infinite.
  • Vinyl Liner Pools: As its name suggests, these inground pools have a flexible plastic liner that is designed to last 10 years. While they’re more affordable than other pool types, they do require frequent maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. 

Picking the right features can make the experience more enjoyable: 

  • Spas: These small pools make it easy to integrate relaxing hydrotherapy into your routine. Spas characteristically feature circulation jets, and many include heating.
  • Bench seating: Building a pool with built-in bench seating makes it even easier to lounge, sit, and chill out. One caveat is that you’ll have to think harder about the logistics to make the best use of the space.
  • Wading pool: Wading pools let the whole family join the fun safely, providing a shallow, low-risk play zone for kids.
  • Diving Board: Diving boards and slides are fun, but they make installations more complex. You’ll need extra space and a minimum amount of swimming depth, so definitely think about this feature early on.

The Maintenance Required

All pools need some degree of care. Fiberglass pools take the least work because they don’t collect algae. Vinyl pools require more upkeep because dirt and algae gather in their seams, and you’ll have to repair or replace your liner if it tears. 

Although concrete is appealing because of its durability, it’s a trade-off: The porous surfaces are perfect breeding grounds for algae. It’s critical to give yours a weekly scrub, refinish it periodically, and keep the water chemistry within a precise range. 

Let the Experts at Coyote Creek Help You 

Your choice of pool matters – but the decision might not be as simple as you thought. 

Having experienced help makes it easier to choose the ideal water feature package for your space. At Coyote Creek, our expert team is here to help you every step of the way. No matter the type of pool, size, or custom features, we’re here to make the process as smooth as possible and answer any questions you may have. 

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