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Why is it Necessary to Plan a Landscape Design? 

Just like planning out a room in your house, landscape design is like a floor plan for an outdoor area and gives you a clear visual of your space. As you think of what elements you’d like to add to your landscape like lighting, trees, or concrete pavers, this will help you see where to best place things in order to maximize your space. 

Before you head to the store and start planning things on your own, here are some things you should consider during the planning process:

  1. How You’ll Use Your Yard 
  2. Theme
  3. Linked Spaces 

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How You’ll Use Your Yard 

Before you start doing anything, think of how you’ll use your yard and what you want to add. Are you interested in adding more natural elements like plants and flowers? Maybe you want concrete pavers and lighting to make the walk up to your home easier. Or you’d like a large backyard patio to gather with friends and family. Once you have a specific vision in mind, you’ll be able to have a focal point where you can start planning the rest of your yard around. During this process, you’ll also want to leave space to consider boundaries like the edge of your yard, fences, and other elements. 


Another crucial design element is the theme. There are plenty to choose from depending on your interests. English landscape design is known for being full of lush gardens with natural elements like trees, shrubs, and plants. They also use elements like cobblestone, brick, and sculptures. On the other hand, Spanish landscape design is more focused on separated spaces with walled sections to create things like patios, courtyard houses, and terraces. You can also mix various elements to incorporate what you love while still maintaining a cohesive style. Make sure to consider where you live during this process as you’ll want to get native plants and not disrupt the natural ecosystem. 

Linked Spaces 

A yard is typically made up of three spaces – the front yard, the backyard, and service (the side yard).  Once you’ve thought about what you’ll use the space for and the theme, you’ll want to think of how to link them together. This helps with the flow of your space and allows for manmade and natural elements to be cohesive. For example, you can have pavers that connect your front yard to the back or have trees that serve as an outline from one section to another. If you’re likely to have a lot of people over, this also helps with the flow as people move from one section of your home to another. Some other things you might want to consider include creek beds, gates with openings, and gardens. 

Choose Coyote Creek Outdoors for Your Custom Landscape Design 

At Coyote Creek, our goal is to create a custom landscape that you and your family love. With our extensive knowledge, we work in a multi-step process to ensure that you get the perfect design paired with plants that are guaranteed to succeed. After walking your existing property and mapping out your vision with you, our state-of-the-art design software allows us to show you your new backyard overlayed with your exact house and dimensions. 

Ready to start making the most of your outdoor living space? Contact Coyote Creek today to get a quote and start making the most of your custom landscape.